How to deal with Infidelity in Marriage with Couples counselling?

When you stand up at the altar in front of your friends and family, you vow to love your other half and forsake all others for the rest of your life. So, do these vows so frequently fall apart? How is it possible that the person you love and trusted most can break these vows in a marriage? Infidelity in relationships, particularly marriage is unfortunately relatively common. If you have had infidelity in your relationship, then consider couples counselling. Whether you are dedicated to working through cheating or want the healthiest possible break up, couples counselling can help you.

Why do married people cheat?

If you have ever been cheated on, then you will probably have experienced asking yourself the question “Why?” repeatedly. Statistically, men are more likely to have affairs than women. This is because they seek additional attention outside their marriage. The attention can be physical or emotional. On the other hand, women cheat because they are looking for an emotional connection. Either way, both women and men feel they are missing something in the marriage. Below are some of the most common causes that people cheat on their significant other.

Monotony:  Everyone enjoy meeting someone new and falling in love. Once marriage happens the relationship may start to feel stale. Suddenly, the new beginnings start to look more attractive.

Unhappiness: Growing unhappiness happens a lot. People lose connection with their significant other.

Not wanting to commit: This reason is self-explanatory, if people are not committed then they will cheat.

Body image: As people age, they may encounter difficulties with self-acceptance and self-love. Sometimes husband or wives want to prove to themselves that they are still attractive.

Nostalgia: Some say that their wife or husband have let themselves go. Whether it is because of children, too many snacks, or aging, the cheating party claims they are no longer attracted to them and wanted something new.

Feeling unappreciated: If a partner is feeling undervalued or neglected, they are more likely to cheat. This is because cheating makes them feel worthy of love and attention.

Revenge: Frequently revenge cheating occurs if one person in the relationship has broken their vows.

Can you know if your partner is going to cheat?

If you are worried about infidelity, then you may want to have an honest reflection about your relationship. Before cheating occurs, there are warning signs of infidelity. Problems in a marriage can unfortunately escalate into cheating.

  • Mental and a physical disconnect.
  • Making too little time for one another
  • Financial pressures in the family
  • Lack of communication and time spent together.
  • Lack of respect for the other party in the marriage
  • Low compatibility that resulted from a quick marriage or marriage for the wrong reasons.

Some of these reasons are obviously more serious than others, but all require taking a step back and evaluating your marriage. If you wish to protect your marriage from infidelity, then you should consider marriage counselling to help improve communication.

Can your marriage survive infidelity?

The answer to this question differs from couple to couple, however, there are several key indicators of whether your marriage can survive infidelity. The first step towards the path of healing is honesty and accepting several things.
  • You will have to accept that working past infidelity is not easy, it is painful, and there will be a lot of strong emotions.
  • In addition, you will need time to heal, and it takes a decision to trust again.
  • The cheater will need to take responsibility for the affair while the victim needs to be realistic about the underlying problems in the marriage.

Will your marriage survive?

Together it will take courage and serious commitment to continuing your marriage. One of the best ways to work through this is with the help of a counsellor. They will be able to guide you along the path of healing in a safe and neutral environment. Honesty and communication will be key during this new part of your relationship. Lucky for you, many professionals have found that infidelity can strengthen the relationship if both parties are committed.