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Owning our story and loving ourselves through that
process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.

Voxen Counselling Gold Coast

Find counsellors in the Gold Coast area. Find a Counsellor that gets you to heal and grow. Find the right counsellor with Counselling @ Voxen.

Counselling @ Voxen offers a variety of counselling services to help the client get through life’s hurdles – from trauma counselling, anger management, anxiety and depression counselling, relationship counselling, specialising in children, family, relationships and couples therapy. Not only will your counselling sessions be handled professionally – but with respect, dedication, care, empathy, warmth, and without any prejudice. These qualities help build an environment that is compassionate, supportive, and safe – all of which supports and contribute the healing process.

Counselling @ Voxen counsellors are responsibly, positively inclined, are approachable, and build strong relationships with clients to gain the best results through the therapeutic process. Resident therapist Katherine Nelson, along with a small team of therapists, will guide you every step of the way. As an accomplished and engaging counsellor with over a decade of experience, be assured counselling @ voxen prides themselves on providing the best counselling services. Katherine and her team are committed to developing effective strategies that address a wide variety of concerns with the client. Together the client and therapist will explore areas of concern and seek insight into navigating toward the desired outcome for the client.

What is The School of Life?
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Australian Councelling Association
Gold Coast chapter

This meeting will be an OPD session. Katherine Nelson presenting on ‘Practice of building business, Self-Care of therapist and professionalism in practice’.

View the ACA Gold Coast event presentations

We accept NDIS (Self Managed & Plan Managed) & Mental Health Care Plan clients

I take NDIS clients with self-managed and plan managed funding. I can set up video sessions for these clients if they are unable to physically come to my office on the Gold Coast. National Disability Insurance Scheme provides support to Australians with disability and their families to improve their life. Sometimes some people need mental support and that’s where I come in. I also accept client on mental health care plans. 

Anxiety & Depression Counselling

Talk to someone who can help to identify the reasons and from there guide you in a better way.

Trauma Counselling

Trauma is a result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one's ability to cope or integrate the emotions involved.

Anger Management

Anger is a very raw emotion and can be controlled if you decide you are ready to work on yourself. Give our Counselling services on the Gold Coast a go.

Child Counsellor

It is important for children and adolescents to understand how to deal with their feelings.

General Counselling Services

General Counselling Services covers all areas of counselling that may be specific to an individual’s needs, concerns or issues and is not listed.


To be a parent means you are a leader, a guide, a teacher, a doctor, a counsellor, a mentor, inspiring. We acknowledge your needs and create strategies to get you through.

Relationship Counselling

When you are a couple and issues arise because we are all very different people, it can be challenging.

Grief & Loss Counselling

Don't be alone in your processing. Talk to someone who knows the journey and emotions that flare during this time.

NDIS clients

I take NDIS clients with self-managed and plan managed funding.

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I can set up video sessions for these clients if they are unable to physically come to my office. National Disability Insurance Scheme provides support to Australians with a disability and their families to improve their life. Sometimes some people need mental support and that’s where I come in.

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ACA Supervisor

Katherine is a level 4, ACA Supervisor offering weekly group and individual supervisions.

Katherine Nelson Nelson Counsellor on the Gold Coast

About Katherine

Katherine Nelson is an accomplished and engaging counsellor with more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of mental health and specialises in providing psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.



Katherine is a true professional in her line of work - she is caring, understanding, non-judgemental, provides great tools to help you deal with & understand ones self & others around you. Her services have been invaluable to me & my family. Highly recommended.


Katherine's friendly approach helped me take responsibility for my life and relationships. The tools she gave me were invaluable. My life has improved and so have my relationships with family, friends and my partner.


I recently went to voxen to help me with direction and purpose in my life after a couple of soul shattering events. I can honestly say I feel like I now have a new positive outlook on life and feel like I can move forward.

Why Counselling? Do I need Counselling? How do I know when I need counselling?

When a person is experiencing a problem in their life, or troubled by a personal problem, or needs to process their ideas to reach an outcome or decision, or have an inability to understand their actions and reaction. When a person is repeatedly experiencing the inability to improve  misunderstanding with others, feeling stuck in their life, is feeling frustrated by life, not feeling success, and have no happiness, a feeling of no growth, no connections, a lack of love.

The person may not feel loved, cared for by another or others, experiencing long periods of sadness and hopelessness, is struggling with poor choices, or is unable to stop negative thought patterns. Any of these signs point towards the fact that this person needs counselling support and guidance.

As humans we are complex and made up of various components of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, opinions, experiences, behaviours, triggers, wants and needs. These are called the “why’s”. Then when a person is trying to understand ones self,  the path can be confusing due to all these factors. It is when a person is trying to work out the “why’s” that one would seek out the help and support through counselling.

The process of counselling is wide and varied in itself. The counselling process supports an individual through the reflection of their actions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, reactions, beliefs and behaviours, along with providing strategies and the tools to help with this. Through counselling a person can then be guided through the “why’s” and a clearer pathway to understanding themselves better. Once a person can understand themselves better, the person can begin the process of resolving the issue they sought guidance and counselling for in the first place.

With the Counsellor’s support, the individual/s will begin mapping their lives out more affectively to reach the outcome and goals, to feel they are truly alive, living their destiny, their dream/s, and the person’s desired life style. This process is timely and can take weeks or months to achieve.

Generations ago people lived in community environments, along with their families and extended family around them. This made it easier for one to approach a family members with any concerns or difficulties in their lives. Simply because of this, there was always someone around to talk to. Always having an elder nearby was a asset due to the fact the elders always have time to help the person to process their concerns and grow.

Today we live in a nuclear environment, in which the art of discussion is dying away, causing us to become quiet, isolated, lonely and internally troubled before we recognise that we need to talk with someone. Counsellors fill this void in our society today for people to be guided to understand and process parts of their lives. When change is needed in ones life, it’s counselling that is the vehicle to get a person there!

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