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7 suggestions in helping one with Relationship Counselling

In the past few months, there has been uncertain times for about everyone on the continent. Maybe you’ve been suffering from mental health concerns, Or isolation and job uncertainty it is being felt many Australian. Since individual issues have arisen in this trying time, it is no surprise if your relationship has become a little strained. Taking the time to work on your relationship is a vital part of keeping it healthy and thriving. There should be no guilt or shame associated with talking to a licensed third party to help achieve your relationship goals.

Here are 7 signs that you may benefit from relationship counselling.

    1. You Keep having the same arguments
      If you find yourself discussing the same things repeatedly. The frustration and volume increases, and the conversation goes in circles. If this sounds familiar, then you may need someone to interject. Simply, to repeat the same content, behaviour, action constantly expecting a changed result, this is described as insanity. Therapy can not only help you understand the root cause of the argument, but help you work through and past it.
    2. If you have stopped intimacy
      Intimacy is an integral part of healthy, adult relationships. If you find both partners have lost that physical connection. Counselling could help you find the reasoning behind your physical distancing.
    3. You are critical of things your partner does
      Remember the first time you met you could find no fault in your partner. Moving through time you cannot imagine how you ever felt that way about him or her. Things like resentment and anger lead to toxicity. In these instances it is a struggle to view your partner without the negative lens. Psychologist can help you overcome the bitterness and find ways to strengthen a healthy relationship.
    4. You do not have trust
      Trust manifests itself in feeling physically and emotionally safe with your partner. If it has been broken, then it requires work to rebuilt. While it is not impossible to regain trust, it is a slow process that a licensed psychologist can help you tackle. It also requires both parties to be committed to rebuilding.
    5. You feel ignored by your partner
      Even when you are speaking up, you still feel unheard and ignored by your partner. This is a classic sign that the two of you need to work on proper communication. Communication is the key to happiness and a strong relationship. Therapists can help you understand each other better and learn how to communicate more effectively.
    6. You fight about money
      Especially during these trying times, money can be a sore subject. You may be fighting over deep-rooted beliefs, priorities on what to spend money on, or the stress of financial strain. Relationship counselling can provide you with tools to understand your partner’s perspective and guide you towards a resolution.
    7. You are considering an affair
      If you feel so unhappy in your relationship you are considering an affair, then this is a massive signal. Consider going to the psychologist by yourself to discuss what is troubling you.Alternatively, come together to strengthen relationship before becoming involved with someone else. Relationship counselling can help identify what you are missing in your current relationship and why those flirty texts appear so appealing.
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