How a Child counsellor can help build resilience in a young developing adult.

As parents, you are given the hardest job in the world. While it may feel like you want to control everything or everything is out of your control, the reality is somewhere in between. The best thing you can do for your child is to help provide them with the tools to build resilience. Especially during the turbulent years of teenage changes, mental health support can build resilience to help them become a thriving young adult.

Mental health problems in children are on the rise.

Unfortunately, the frequency of mental health problems in children appears to be on the rise. Fortunately, the world is more accepting and better equipped than ever before to help identify and support children during these troubled times. Whether it is anxiety, depression, or attention deficit disorders, child counsellors are there to help your child and provide you with guidance.

Why do children need counselling?

When a child reaches the teenage years, mental health conditions may become more apparent. In addition to the changing hormones, pressures of school, and growing understanding of the world. In the modern world all these aspects can become overwhelming. Children therefore can benefit from counselling to learn how to healthily process their emotions and learn how to have appropriate responses. If your family is experiencing any instability, this may also become an additional turbulent factor in a young person’s life.

How do you know if your child needs counselling?

You know your child best, and you should organise a child counselling session if they begin acting out. A few of the most common signs to lookout for include:

  • Increased isolation and distancing
  • Stopping hanging out with their friends
  • Sudden drop in grades and participation at school
  • Decreased attendance in school
  • Not showing interest in existing hobbies
  • Abrupt changes in their overall demeanour

How a Child counsellor can help build resilience in a young developing adult.

Through counselling sessions, a counsellor will be able to help your child and yourself. For your child, this can be a safe space to express themselves and share their concerns. If they suffer from any mental health issues, a counsellor is a key person to help diagnose and monitor the development. In addition, the counsellor can also help provide you with parameters and tools on how to better help support your child at home. By working together, you will be able to help build resilience in your child as they develop into a young adult.