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Is it worth going to couples counselling?

This is a question we may have all asked ourselves. Is it worth going to couples counselling? The better question to ask, is what is my relationship worth? How much work am I willing to put into my relationship? Relationships are not easy, and they require both parties to put in time and effort to keep them working. If you are reading this article, you may be looking for a sign whether to keep going or not. We believe that every relationship can benefit from couples counselling.

What can couple’s counselling do?

Luckily, mental health is becoming less stigmatized. This does not only impact individuals but has also bled through into the fabric of relationships. While in the past people were told to quietly bare their pain, now we are encouraged to talk about it. Discussion is the first step to finding the core of the problem, and therefore a solution. In couples counselling, you and your partner can explore pain points, stressors, or uncertainties in your relationship. While in person therapy may seem daunting. It can be a freeing and elevating experience. After the first couple of sessions that can be awkward introductory sessions, you and your partner can learn to communicate, and problem solve together. Couple’s counselling can help strengthen your relationship, find your inner values, and create plans to move forward. Rather than suffering in silence or giving up on the relationship, couples therapy provides a third option for self-improvement and growth.

How much does couples counselling cost?

Couple’s counselling costs will vary from practise to practise. The total cost associated will also depend on how many sessions you need, or choose to attend, and what form of insurance you have. Luckily in Australia, certain public health care plans provide subsidies for mental health sessions. See if you would be eligible for a couples counselling session.

couples counselling cost on the Gold Coast

When should you get couples counselling?

Couple’s counselling can be beneficial prior or after a large life change, during either one of the parties struggling with mental health, or when you are on the rocks. Sitting down and talking in a neutral environment can help couples work through trauma of cheating, grief from death, or difficulties parenting. Whether you have lost a job, decided to get married, chosen to have a child, or lost someone in your life, couples counselling can help you reprioritize your life and put you back on the same page. A couple that communicates openly and positively, has better resilience and ability to deal with life’s twists and turns.

Is it worth going to couples counselling?

We believe that yes, it is. Studies have found similar results for individuals who are committed. Couple’s therapy can provide you with tools and methods to deal with conflict and to work better together. Life can be uncertain and quickly changing, and sometimes it is easy to take the other person in the relationship for granted. Whether you have felt unloved, stressed, or distrusting, couples counselling can help you work towards positive feelings. If you want to strengthen your relationship, then couples counselling is worth it.