How social media impacts today’s teens

How social media impacts today’s teens

As adults, it is sometimes hard for us to understand what our children are going through. While our own angst and hormonal years are a distant memory, the world has also irrevocably changed. The surrounding landscape of going through puberty has transitioned from relatively private to a public platform. Now, children and teens’ interactions, relationships, and views of themselves are closely dictated by social media. In this post, we will talk about how social media impacts our children’s lives and what we can do.

  • Connected yet disconnected.

Children and adults spend more time than ever before on their devices. Whether they choose to use social media apps, watch videos, or chat with their friends they are always occupied. While teens chat and snap to their friends regularly, in person relationships sometimes lack. People are experiencing more social anxiety and uncertainty in physical connections. Try and encourage your child for in person contact with their friends and participating in hands on activities and hobbies.

  • Social media is addicting.

This constant and instant gratification produces a serotonin in our rains and creates a dependency. Like other addicting behaviours such as gambling or substances, social media is addictive. Many people suffer physical withdrawals if their devices are taken away. Creating designated phone free spaces or social media limits can help ween off the dependency.

  • There is no privacy

Since everything is snapped and shared, your teens will experience a lack of privacy. Whether this is something they have consented to or was recorded without their knowledge, this content is out on the internet forever. Teens experience anxiety, social pressures, and embarrassment from their actions that are immortalised. Talk to your teen about why it is important to filter what they post. Try and explain why images or videos of inappropriate behaviours should not be taken. And communicate about the dangers of sexual, drug, and alcohol related social media posts. 

How can you help create resilience in your teens?

Open communication with your teens is the best tool to help them gain resilience. An understanding of the dangers on social media and keeping a healthy barrier can help their mental health. Unfortunately, with their lives so intertwined with the internet his is a difficult thing to achieve. If you are considering professional help. Book in an appointment to both support your child and provide you with tools.

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