Coaching is about Change!

For some people change in their life comes naturally without any hesitation or deviation, but when starting to make the changes and implement their change programme it grinds to a halt or sometimes will maintain progress for some time and then will come up against blocks. This block becomes a difficult part to break through and over time with repeated attempts to break through the block we loss momentum and feel less and less able to accomplish our changes. The sad part is, without the help of our counsellor, we start to feel like a failure, start to doubt our ability to change and get what we want in our life. We then start to settle for second and third best.

When we feel we have lost some form of control over our own lives we then seek assistance or help. It is at this point you may identify you need to talk to someone. A psychological therapist, also known as a psychotherapist or a counsellor or psychologist. This is where we go to start to piece ourselves together to affect change.

Today psychotherapist or counsellors are available in various fields of support work. There are family therapy counsellors, relationship counsellors, couples counselling, children’s psychological therapists, grief and loss therapists, trauma counsellors, anxiety or depression counsellors, anger management therapists, adolescences psychologists, financial counsellors and the list goes on and on.

Look for a therapist near you, who specialises in the area of your need or several needs. Counselling @ Voxen specialises in the following fields of therapy:

  • Children and Adolescence psychology
  • Family Therapies
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Couples Therapy
  • Grief and Loss & Trauma Therapy
  • Anger Management Therapy
  • Anxiety or Depression Therapy
  • Business Management Therapy
  • Financial Therapy
  • Weight Loss Therapy
  • NDIS Plans

The steps above and the steps that will continue to follow in the next blogs will help you (along with your counsellor working together on a regular basis) start to uncover your blockages and start to implement change with the addition of self- coaching.

Remember ‘change’ respects time and a journey. ‘Change’ does not occur instantly or with a few days or weeks. ‘Change’ takes commitment, energy, consciousness, time and the mindset of, “This is the new ME!

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