Psychologist on the Gold Coast Counselling a Child

How to choose your Child Psychologist?

The key thing about choosing your child psychologist is ensuring that your child is comfortable with them. Asking for help is scary enough for an adult but admitting your child needs help can be even scarier. Not only is it difficult to give up the feeling of control, but your child may also be unsure. Going to a stranger’s office may seem daunting at the start, so finding someone with whom they can develop a trusting relationship is ideal. In this blogpost, we will talk about a few tips on how to choose the right psychologist for your child. With all the statistics showing child mental health struggling, it is time to do something about it.

Find a child psychologist in your area.

The first step of finding a child psychologist, is to find a psychologist that specialises in children psychology. Some therapists, counsellors, and psychologists have narrow specialties and finding one that focuses on children would be best. Typically, a specialist in child psychology will have the best access to resources and tools to aid your child. They will also be most familiar on how to make your child comfortable and reach the best results. One of the best ways to find a psychologist is to trust the word of mouth of other parents. It is key we open discussions about mental health, and parents talking and supporting one another is a great place to start.

Psychologist taking a photo with a child while counselling

See what your psychologist specialises in

You may be taking your child to the psychologist for a myriad of reasons. Therefore, you may want to consider what the psychologist specialises in. While most mental professionals have a good grasp on a wide variety of areas, some are better suited for various conditions. Whether it may be anxiety, depression, trauma, or other mental health conditions. If your child has suffered a traumatic injury and needs to recover, they may require an expert in something different than a child who is struggling within the autistic spectrum.

Look for someone your Child can relate to

The best results come from psychologists – client relationships that are based on trust. Listen to your child and see whether they feel comfortable with the psychologist you have visited. If they feel comfortable, they are more likely to open and begin the journey towards healing. The child psychologist connection plays a significant role in the mental health process. It may take a couple of tries, but find someone that not only you, but your child also responds to.

Therapeutic approaches

Like adult psychologists, all child psychologists work in slightly different ways. They may have various therapeutic approaches depending on their specific training and practice. Therefore, you could do some additional digging into various approaches to find what one would best engage your child. Then you can find a therapist that uses this approach to best engage and help your child. Talk to the psychologist themselves. Enquire whether the therapeutic methods they use are from evidence-based practise or psychological theory. How does the psychologist aim to help your child? Are there other psychologists in the clinic that support the methods and practise?

These are just our top tips to choose the best psychologist for your child. Let us know your experience with psychologists, and what questions you ask to find a good fit.