David Mackay

Clinical Counsellor

David Mackay is a highly experienced and accredited clinical counsellor. Helping people cope with their daily lives and relationships has always been a way of life for him in this busy and, at times, difficult world.
As a former High School Guidance Officer and Special Needs Educator/Administrator David is skilled in the welfare of children, adolescents and their families in dealing with issues that include anxiety, depression, self-image and career/education choices.
As well, David is experienced in psycho metric educational assessment and diagnosis. He offers a full suite of educational and cognitive assessments from pre-school through to adults. These cover intelligence, spelling, reading, mathematics, school readiness and dyslexia.
David is also a counsellor in sports psychology facilitatingathletes to improve their skills of commitment, communication, concentration, control and confidence. He helps them overcome their unique concerns which can also include focus, burn-out, and performance.
As a former board member of Lifeline Gold Coast, David has dedicated 3-decades to the mental health and wellbeing of troubled children and adults.

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